Updating a Boring Bedroom

Updating a Boring bedroom can be as simple as purchasing some new bedding and throw pillows or as complex as renovating the entire space. Since the master bedroom is often a major selling point for buyers, you can count on getting your investment back if the house is ever sold. With that in mind, you may want to remove one or two walls so that you can create a spa -like master bath and add space to the master bedroom. If the budget allows, and all-out renovation is a great idea and you’ll be very pleased with the results.

Choosing New Colors

If you are simply looking for a quick inexpensive fix, then begin by painting the walls. Certain colors such as blue can actually help you fall asleep, while other colors such as burgundy can cause the room to be depressing. Put some thought into your room color. Go down to the hardware store and pick up some color swatches and take those up on the wall. Take a few days to see which ones you like the most. Many paint stores offer small amounts of paint colors so that you can actually paint the color onto the wall, let it dry and then live with it a few days to see how you like it.

Moving the Furniture

Once you’ve chosen a color for your walls, think about changing the furniture around. There may be other configurations that would make the room seem larger. Homeowners were once limited by things like cable and telephone outlets, but today with wireless components we are not bound by those restrictions anymore. Once you have your furniture in the right location, it’s time to think about some cute accessories such as decorative throw pillows, new rugs, new lamps and other decor.

Timeless Window Coverings

The windows in a bedroom should usually be covered well enough to provide complete privacy. Though many people choose mini-blinds these days, there are some other good choices such as ornamental shades, interior shutters, and wooden blinds. Many homeowners now days are looking for green sustainable materials and a bedroom is a great place to use materials like these. For the finishing touches, new bedding is always a great idea. A soft new comforter and some beautiful sheets will complete your master bedroom design. Be sure to choose soft elegant throw pillows in every size. Select dreamy colors that bring a sense of calm to the room.

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