Staging a Home for Sale

Staging a Home for Sale: Minimize Time On The Market and Maximize Profits With Home Staging
Selling a home is stressful, no matter what the market; home staging can give sellers a competitive advantage, and hiring a professional stager might help maximize potential.

Have you ever walked through a building company model home? They spend tens of thousands of dollars having professional designers select furniture and accessories; they know the return on investment is a given. Think of home staging as taking the ‘secrets’ that were once available only to those selling new construction, and bringing them to the home resale market.

What Exactly is Home Staging?

When someone moves into a new house, they personalise it with their furniture, accessories, and treasured photographs. They impart their own personal style and aesthetic into the rooms, turning a house into a home, often with luxury items like these Persian rugs at

When it is time to sell that home, those personal effects need to be removed, so that the home feels more neutral: Potential home buyers often walk into a home and assess the feeling of the home. If the decor is different than their own, they might think, “This house just isn’t my style.” For example, someone with a more modern aesthetic might walk away from what could be their dream home, simply because the present homeowner has decorated it with traditional furnishings and accessories.

Homes staging removes these more personal effects and creates a neutral canvas of the home. so that when potential buyers walk in, they can project their own taste and style into it, and visualize themselves living there. This makes the home more appealing to a greater number of potential buyers, thus increasing the likelihood of selling faster, and at a higher price.

Is Home Staging Worth The Time And Expense?

The cost of home staging can vary widely, according to what the homeowner chooses to do when readying their home for market. Removing personal photographs is free (and gets the packing stage started!) while other options can be more costly.

Painting the interior, for example, can increase the sales price of your home, with minimal financial investment, if a homeowner does it themselves. On the other hand, painting the exterior of a home will heighten curb appeal and also likely increase the sales price; but is it worth the time or expense of hiring a professional? As each home is different, there isn’t one right answer for every one.
Knowing where to start and stop staging is an important balancing act. Each potential project must be carefully considered, before deciding to continue with it, or abandon it in favour of others.

When should Homeowners Use a Professional Stager?

It can be very difficult for homeowners to be objective about their own home; this is where a professional home stager can be a wonderful asset. A home stager’s fresh and neutral eye can help home sellers prioritize staging tasks.

A professional stager’s recommendations might be that the homeowner remove personal photographs, clean closets, or do some touch-up painting. Other times a stager might suggest further intervention; such as replacing the homeowner’s items with the stager’s own inventory of accessories and furniture. Often the stager’s recommendation is somewhere in between these two options.

Those selling a home shouldn’t hesitate to speak with more than one home stager; generally free consultations are offered. Homeowners should never sign a contract with a stager, prior to finalizing the amount of work to be done, and the cost involved.

No matter if it’s a buyers’ or sellers’ market, staging a home expands its pool of potential buyers; it is one of the best investments that can be made, having decided to list a home on the market.