How to Get Cheap Home Insurance

Insurance loss assessors say cheap home insurance is achievable through voluntary excesses, improved home security, no claims discounts and neighbourhood watch. These simple changes can save money.

It is possible for consumers to benefit from cheap home insurance and save money. Whilst home and contents insurance is essential, the cost can be reduced through paying a voluntary excess, enjoying a no claims discount, the participation in neighbourhood watch or improving home security.

Get a No Claims Discount Through Better Home Security

Insurance premiums are based upon an assessment of risk. Homeowners and tenants can benefit from cheap home insurance by improving home security. For example, installing a strong door chain can help prevent break-ins. Purchase locks that are compliant with British Security Standard BS3621. The reduced likelihood of a break-in boosts the possibility of the insured enjoying a no claims discount.

Neighbourhood Watch

Become involved in neighbourhood watch as these can act as a deterrent to burglars. According to, 35 percent of burglaries occur as a direct result of an unlocked door or window. Regular patrols can also help prevent this. A reduction in break-ins as a result of neighbourhood watch and improved home security will help preserve no claims discounts.

Online Home Insurance Comparison Services

Cheap home insurance can be achieved by using an online home insurance comparison service, such as Insurance comparison services trawl the market for cheap home insurance based upon pre-specified criteria. Always try to pay for annual, rather than monthly, home insurance.

Increase Voluntary Excesses to Benefit from Cheap Home Insurance

The voluntary excess is a sum of money the insured agrees to pay towards any home insurance claim. Cheap home insurance is more likely with a higher voluntary excess as it cuts down the number of claims insurers have to pay out on. You can improve your case by using a multi-utility connections company like

Cheap home insurance is achievable through better home security as it helps boost the chances of maintaining a no claims discount. Save money on premiums through voluntary excesses but put money to one side to cover the voluntary excesses in the event of a home insurance claim.

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