Guide to Picking a Real Estate Agent – What You Need to Know

When selling a property, people these days will often try to advertise it independently as a way to save on agency fees. However, the vast majority of sellers will often end up using an estate agent due to a seeming lack of interest.

A good real estate agent will not only be able to get the best price for the customer, but they also have the skills necessary to advise the client on how best to present a property to potential buyers.

Additionally, a reputable agent will do much more than accurately price and present a property. Here are seven other advantages to consider:

1. Pricing the Property

Your property will be accurately appraised. This means you will be advised on local market conditions by those in the know. This helps to accurately assess the correct marketing price (essential for a quick sale). All too often, independent sellers either value their property too high, thus resulting in unfavourable offers or no offers at all.

And sometimes the independent seller will rate their property too low, only to find out after the sale that they could have reaped a much better price.

2. The Expertise Factor

Estate Agents are involved in the real estate market day in and day out, all year round. Good agents know all about property due diligence process and market forces. Furthermore, estate agents are often available for extended hours during weekdays and on the weekends.

3. Real World Exposure

Estate agents can place professional looking ‘For Sale’ boards in gardens and windows so as to raise awareness of your property from passers-by.

4. Virtual World Exposure

A good estate agent will know how to present your property online to its fullest potential. This will include features such as a photo collection, virtual tours, floor plans, brochures, and of course reference numbers and contact details.

5. Global Exposure

Estate agents will not only present your property locally, but nationally and internationally too if requested. They will often have accounts with other professional global online agencies that get a lot of targeted traffic over the course of month, so the marketing net can really be cast afar if need be. Like wise, you can browse websites for properties in other countries, my dad’s friend has this website that sells apartments in Javea, Spain for example, and most of his visitors are browsing from the UK.

Other Media Awareness

Estate agents can often arrange to have your property advertised in other kinds of local media too if required, thus reaching an even wider audience.

6. Additional Services

A good real estate agency will also offer additional services related to the sale of your property, with the three main ones being:

Financial advice
Home moving/relocating products and services

7. Pool of Potential Buyers

Good estate agents will have a register or potential buyers at hand who are looking for property locally.

Selecting an Estate Agent

Over the years, a tiny handful of bad eggs in the real estate business have managed to tarnish the reputation of the profession. But in truth, the vast majority of estate agents are honest, hard-working, professional, and prepared to work diligently in helping the client sell their property at the best possible price. For a lot of people, using an estate agent will be a first time experience, so here are some suggestions on how to select a good outfit.

Use an estate agent who has been recommended to you personally by someone you trust.
Don’t obsess over agency fees. Try to remember that a good estate agent will give you exceptional service, keep you well informed throughout the process, and negotiate the very best deal possible on your behalf.
Ask about the kind of marketing the estate agent will do on your behalf. Ideally, you’re looking for real and virtual world awareness and the guarantee of a target audience. Make sure they tick all your boxes here because “targeted marketing” really is the name of the game.

Become Informed

Selling a home and moving on can be a stressful event, and this is no time for ignorance. It’s much easier to make informed decisions when you know what an agent is advising you. Understanding the best practices won’t take long and there should be a number of professionally recognised organizations set up in your home country specifically for estate agents. These resources are where you will find what to expect from a good agent in your country and understand the best practices and laws for the industry.

Relocation Services

Something that often gets lost in the sales process is the next stage of selling-up – which is moving-on! Too many people leave this until the last minute, and that’s one headache you want to avoid if you can. Some of the bigger estate agents will offer a relocation service, and it will make good sense to let them handle this for you as well as the sale of your property. If you do need to arrange this independently, try to get it sorted out well before your move, just so that you don’t have any last minute hassles.


Just as most used car salesmen are honest, hardworking people, so are the majority of realtors. Knowing specifically what it is you want and expect from a real estate agent will help both you and them prepare your property for sale. And remember, despite there being fees involved when employing the services of a realtor, a good agent can save you costs, hassles, time, and negotiate the best possible price on your behalf.