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Learn some easy tips to clear clutter from your closet so you can find what you need when you need it. Coco Chanel once said that you should only have in your closet a few well-chosen garments that you look

Insurance loss assessors say cheap home insurance is achievable through voluntary excesses, improved home security, no claims discounts and neighbourhood watch. These simple changes can save money. It is possible for consumers to benefit from cheap home insurance and save

Insulating the loft can improve your home’s energy efficiency while keeping your monthly energy bills low and manageable says Gary Chisolm who works for Touchstone Loft Conversions in Oxford. Consider covering not only your attic crawlspace ceiling, but also other

  Insulating an attic crawl space will help maintain a consistent temperature in your home and will also help lower heating and cooling bills. This is more important if you plan to covert this unused space into usable living space.

Staging a Home for Sale: Minimize Time On The Market and Maximize Profits With Home Staging Selling a home is stressful, no matter what the market; home staging can give sellers a competitive advantage, and hiring a professional stager might help maximize

Updating a Boring bedroom can be as simple as purchasing some new bedding and throw pillows or as complex as renovating the entire space. Since the master bedroom is often a major selling point for buyers, you can count on