3 Tips That Help You Sell Your Home Quickly

The housing market is slowly but surely on the up and up: Word is, there’s definitely life after the crash so now might finally be the time to make that move. However, the market is competitive and if you want to make sure your house stands out from the crowd, as well as ensure you get the best possible price for your property, here are 3 tips that help you sell your home quickly!

First Impressions Count

The first and foremost tip is to ensure the people who come to view your house will get a good first impression. Making sure the outside is clean and tidy is a must, says estate agent Marvin Greaves from http://www.apartmentsjavea.eu. A shabby front door is definitely something that should be spruced up. A coat of paint and maybe a new doorknob can really make the difference. No need to spend a lot of money. Simple and small touches can make all the difference. It can be difficult in the middle of winter to get some colour and life into the garden. Even so, patio areas should be cleaned and adding some small ornaments like a lantern, foliage plants and even a bird feeder can make it seem more like home – And most of all cared for.


Clear and tidy is just as important as clean and tidy. Remove anything that does not need to be there. Too much clutter makes spaces seem more cramped and that is definitely not in your favour. Creating more space, even the illusion of more space! – is definitely another great trick that will help sell your home more quickly. Hang some mirrors in smaller areas such as a hallway.  If your house is a bit short on storage start getting savvy with the latest solutions on offer. Nowadays there are many clever solutions available on the market offering up some cheap and easy ways to get your house de-cluttered!

Don’t be Too Personal!

Last but definitely not least! While you might love your quirky cat collection and are proud of the thrifty way your save everything “in case” , this might not be so appealing to prospective buyers! The more “neutral” your home is, the better. Think of the show houses that present a kind of impersonal, blank canvas for people to build on. Soft white, pale blues and beige are good colour examples with regards to neutralising and depersonalising your home. A new coat of paint can also make all the difference. Lighter colours tend to help when it comes to creating that all important “illusion” of space, as well as giving rooms and clean and crisp feel.

While of course you want to get the most you possibly can for your property, ensuring it is priced competitively and professional photographs are used to market it will always be the first instance. Regardless of anything you do, if these are not right then you will be struggling to even get an opportunity to make an impression and therefore sell your property. Get this right and you will have a much better chance of getting that all important sale!